minor openssh-2.3.0p1 issues on RH6.2

Marko Asplund aspa at kronodoc.fi
Tue Nov 7 17:52:33 EST 2000


i just upgraded OpenSSH to v2.3.0p1 on Redhat linux v6.2. the server seems
to be working fine but there are a few strange messages in the log files:

... sshd[1953]: WARNING: /usr/local/openssh2/etc/primes does not exist, \
	using old prime


... sshd[1976]: error: channel 0: internal error: we do not read, but \
	chan_read_failed for istate 8

does someone know what's causing these?

also, the sftp-server seems to be logging an awful lot of debugging
messages to the server logs.

best regards,

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