ANNOUNCE: x11-ssh-askpass v1.1.0

Jim Knoble jmknoble at
Tue Nov 7 22:49:15 EST 2000

x11-ssh-askpass version 1.1.0 is now available from the following

x11-ssh-askpass is a passphrase dialog for use with OpenSSH
( under the X Window System.

The important changes since version 1.0.3 are as follows:

  - Added a timeout feature (resource *inputTimeout, in seconds) to
    enable x11-ssh-askpass to disappear after a while if it doesn't get
    any input (thanks to John Horne <J.Horne at> for the
  - A few minor user interface improvements.

[Damien, if you've not built the 2.3.0p1 RPM packages yet, this is a
 good one to use.  If you have already, no sweat.]

jim knoble | jmknoble at |

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