internal error: we do not read, but chan_read_failed

John Horne J.Horne at
Thu Nov 9 04:22:37 EST 2000

On 08-Nov-00 at 16:30:15 John Horne wrote:
> The error message in the subject line occurs with the new 2.3.0 openssh
> version and appeared in the previous snapshots on our Solaris systems. As
> far as I remember it was reported, but have not seen any more about this.
> I have looked into it a little bit.
Hmm, well I'm about to leave work and I started a background job on one of
the Suns, only to notice that the ssh session didn't close - the old problem
regarding background jobs.

To sort that out (and I think the above error) I have left session.c as
supplied with 2.3.0p1 but modified nchan.c at line 100 so that it says:

        switch (c->istate) {
        case CHAN_INPUT_CLOSED:
        case CHAN_INPUT_OPEN:
Perhaps that'll work :-) It seems to. Off home now...


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