2.3.0p1 vs 2.0.12

Ben Lindstrom mouring at pconline.com
Thu Nov 9 16:34:52 EST 2000

-2 was there for compatibility with SSH.com.  -1 can be done by
doing ssh "-o protocol 1" site.

- Ben

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Rob Hagopian wrote:

> With the 2.3.0p1 client on Linux vs F-SECURE SSH Version 2.0.12 on a BSDI
> box using ssh v2 DSA keys I get the following on the server side:
> debug: new_connection_callback returning
> debug: Remote version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_2.3.0p1
> sshd[7778]: got bad packet when verifying user auto's publickey.
> Incidentally, there's an option -2 to use v2 if "1,2" is the Protocol
> line, but no -1 to use v1 if "2,1" is in the Protocol line... Is there a
> reason for this?
> 								-Rob

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