bug in documentation for "Protocol" option

Hank Leininger openssh-unix-dev at progressive-comp.com
Fri Nov 10 15:37:38 EST 2000

On 2000-11-08, Rob Hagopian <rob at hagopian.net> wrote:

> IMO consistency is important. Right now there is an inconsistent mix of
> defaults and non-defaults in the config file with no clear direction on
> them.

I agree.  Perhaps it's only because this is how I'm used to the SSH config
files behaving, but I think it's valuable for the default config files to
represent only the defaults, because then the defaults for a particular
version are self-documenting.  I'm used to saying "OK, let me go through
/etc/sshd?_config and change all the defaults I don't agree with."  Which
means, a commented-out value that I *agree* with I shouldn't have to touch.
A mix where some reflect "the default should be changed to this" and others
represent "this is the default" violates the principle of least surprise,
IMHO, and makes it a given that you either a)explicitly set every single
option, b)look up every single option in the manpage and/or source, c)learn
the "real" defaults by heart and be *sure* to update your brain with
any/all changes that happen between versions[*].  a)is probably the correct
answer, and is what i tend to do anyway, but it's sorta silly...

[*] This is still something of a problem when upgrading from 2.x.y to
2.m.n, 'cuz the previous config file won't be overwritten by the install
(and shouldn't be), but then one can always look at the default config file
that came with 2.m.n and look for surprises.

Hank Leininger <hlein at progressive-comp.com> 

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