Free Sun patch 105710-01 provides /dev/random on Solaris (fwd)

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Can anyone verify this and provide a URL for the docs?

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Subject: Free Sun patch 105710-01 provides /dev/random on Solaris

Several people have been looking for Sun's /dev/random patch and haven't
been able to find it...

Sun's patch 105710-01 is available for free download and includes their
/dev/random equivalent for SPARC architectures.

The patch is actually a bunch of packages to patch up their web server
product.  One of the packages is the SUNWski package which includes their
"cryptorand" random number generator.  The cryptorand daemon hooks itself
up to a named fifo.  The name of the fifo defaults to /dev/random but it
can easily be changed by editing the cryotrand startup script in /etc/init.d/.
Presumably if it were changed to /dev/urandom, OpenSSL would use it by

If you just want cryptorand and not the "skiserv" daemon that's in the
same package, you can pick the parts you want out of the "reloc" directory
and copy them into place by hand.

Haven't tried it.  If it works for anyone, please post the story.

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