[PATCH]: nchan.c : internal error: we do not read, but chan_read

Rob Hagopian rob at hagopian.net
Thu Nov 23 13:28:30 EST 2000

I haven't seen further about this patch - is this expected to go into the
next version?

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, John Horne wrote:

> Attached is the patch I've been using to fix the error message seen in the
> subject line. It seems (!) to have caused no problems with the
> previous openssh snapshot version openssh-SNAP-20001016, 2.3.0p1 and the
> latest snapshot (openssh-SNAP-20001114).
> The patch adds 3 lines to nchan.c in a switch stmt (line 100). It simply
> caters for the cases where the input channel state is CHAN_INPUT_WAIT_DRAIN
> or CHAN_INPUT_CLOSED. In these cases it simply exits (breaks) from the switch
> stmt. This seems to be necessary now because an earlier fix caused nchan to
> be called twice when closing a session. The first time is okay, but the
> second (with the channel now in one of the above states) causes the error
> message.
> John.
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