ssh-keygen(1) misinfo: English prose entropy 0.6 - 1.3 b/char!

auto92089 at auto92089 at
Sun Jun 3 08:02:04 EST 2001

Quoth manpage:

 otherwise easily guessable (English prose has only 1-2 bits of entropy
 per word, and provides very bad passphrases).  The passphrase can be

Whoever wrote that manpage is either possessed of some
amazing human insight to which I am not privvy, chose a very
non-representative sample of English prose, or is just plain
wrong.  I know none of you would ever make such a glaring
error, and should anyone remotely associated with you have
done so, it must have been due to acute sleep deprivation or
near-toxic levels of caffeine, the latter being more conducive to
errors of commision, so please fix it before it spreads via the
"reference" effect or simply tarnishes your image.  Should I be
in greivous hallucinatory error, the aforementioned
common-sense defying measurement necessitates a
gold-plated reference beyond reproach with which to rain smack
down upon the non-believers and other intellectual trilobites.

For verification:
1) do a quick web search
2) read Shannon's experiment
3) Cover an unseen word in an ordinary book and see if you
can guess it correctly every second to fourth time.  Consider
a lucrative career in cryptanalysis if you are consistently

	I, Zone Lee
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