authorized_keys2 directory idea

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Mon Jun 4 14:13:23 EST 2001

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Rob Hagopian wrote:

> OpenSSH changed from the directory method... not that that's
> always a bad thing, I prefer not having a separate .ssh2 directory. But a
> lot of other unix utils have moved to file based rather than line based

No.. We did not. decided not to use their old single file
authorized_keys.  As for which we should follow.  I personally don't care.
It's no harder to me to manage it as a single file or as multiple little
files.  And the arguments I've seen really does not improve the odds of us
changing it.

> config methods for the simple reason that a lot of people working with
> these systems find it easier to manage them this way... Do you object to
> /proc, pam, and SysV rc scripts as well?

I have a massive objection to /proc and a less extent pam.. But that is
here nor there. =)

> And I still think that if people support it, it surely belongs in contrib
> for people to use at their own risk... what else is that for?
> 								-Rob

I doubt Theo ever has had problems with contrib/ code.  It's core
software that we are refering to.

- Ben

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