authorized_keys2 directory idea

Pekka Savola pekkas at
Tue Jun 5 06:28:09 EST 2001

On Mon, 4 Jun 2001, Markus Friedl wrote:
> > programs simpler than others; many think OpenBSD takes KISS paradigm
> > sometimes too far -- others like it that way.
> "OpenBSD takes KISS paradigm sometimes too far"?
> i really don't think that, OpenBSD is far away from plan9's simplicity.

See what it has amounted to: plan9 is not being used at all (at all so
that it counts anyway) and OpenBSD is mainly used by people who want their
code clean, or are rather security-conscious (basically).

So I don't think striving to make everything much simpler than it
currently is, is going to really work in general.

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