authorized_keys2 directory idea

Gert Doering gert at
Sat Jun 9 08:48:53 EST 2001


On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 05:36:12PM -0400, James Ralston wrote:
> My $0.02: I'd like to see this feature.
> I'm not really concerned with the authorized_keys{,2} entries.  Where
> I think the feature would be a win is with known_hosts{,2}.  My
> known_hosts file currently has 50+ entries, and it's a royal PITA to
> maintain them.

Now for known_hosts, I tend to disagree - I don't see any compelling
reason to exclude hosts from that list.  So what we do is just "collect
all host keys on one central machine, and distribute the complete file
from there".

With the keys, it's not that easy, as not everybody has access everywhere.

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