Strange login problem

webinfo webinfo at
Sun Jun 10 19:14:32 EST 2001

I'm using Redhat 7.1 on several boxes, no problems so far. Except for one 
box, where I get kicked out immediately, the moment I log in.
When I look at the log file it says:

Jun  6 22:18:55 myhost sshd[7782]: Accepted password for ROOT from x.x.x.x 
port 62004 ssh2
Jun  6 22:18:56 myhost sshd[7782]: fatal: 
session_input_channel_req:  channel 0: no session

Normally, after like three log in attempts, I am able to log in.

Can anyone give me some ideas what's going on here? The client i'm using is 
ssh from security group.



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