Defect: OpenSSH hangs on logout

Aaron Bush abush at
Tue Jun 12 05:32:08 EST 2001

Wendy Palm wrote:
> Aaron Bush wrote:
> > <snip>
> >
> > The real danger that i have come across is when doing a scp a defunct
> > process will show up after the copy is complete.
> > Basically you end up with a scp that never returns which is very bad.
> >
> > -ab
> that's the problem i'm having now.  did you determine that signals were
> your problem?
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> wendy palm
> Cray OS Sustaining Engineering, Cray Inc.
> wendyp at, 651-605-9154

I have replaced all of my HPUX sshd's with versions that do not
SA_RESTART and have not had the problem again.

However, the problem with a hung scp was _very_ intermittent and would
sometimes take several days to appear.

Whereas the interactive ssh sessions always required an extra keystroke
to close the connection and now since the removal of SA_RESTART that
problem has gone away 100%.

If i have a scp process that hangs again with the new sshd i will update


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