no // comments, please

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Mon Jun 18 03:50:53 EST 2001

It's still best to avoid using them.  Mainly for the fact that it's not
accepted as part of the OpenBSD coding style.

Besides it has already been taken care of in the -CURRENT branch.  Come to
think about it.  I'm unsure if it was dealt within branch 2.9.  <shrug>

- Ben

On 17 Jun 2001, Ed L Cashin wrote:

> Steve VanDevender <stevev at> writes:
> > Non-gcc compilers tend not to like C++-style // comments in plain C
> > code, as I discovered when trying to build the latest snapshot
> > (20010615) with the Tru64 UNIX C compiler.
> It doesn't matter (practically speaking), since some compilers haven't
> caught up, and folks also use old ones anyway, but those "//" comments
> *are* part of the C programming language as defined by the C99 ISO
> standard.
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