SFTP Logging Redux.

Robert Mooney rjmooney at aboveground.cx
Fri Jun 22 04:41:00 EST 2001

: A) SSHD always logs.  Default level is AUTH.INFO unless otherwise
: specified.  Since SSHD always logs, I see no reason why its
: subsystems shouldn't automatically log as well.

You're right.  It's always nice to be able to turn stuff off, tho.

: B) I'm not certain how useful part B would be.  Are you saying you
: still want it logged but you want to alter the log-string based on a
: verbosity setting (terse versus verbose)?  Or do you want the
: LOGLEVEL of the logging to be user-defined?  

I meant verbosity, but probably doesn't mean much in this case, since 
you're not doing a whole lot of logging.

: Agreed.  However, as I stated above, this puts SFTP loggin in line
: with SSHD logging.  I don't see why we should turn it off by
: default, much less HOW given that use of the log() function requires
: logging to be active.

I kind of forgot that adding arguments to sftp-server would complicate
matters more than necessary, so in this case, I agree that it should
just be left on.

I think there was only one instance that was still logging the old
way.  I haven't tested it, but it looks much better than the last

- Rob

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