rsa_private_decrypt() failed

pete at pete at
Sat Jun 23 06:03:27 EST 2001


I'm running several Sparcs with Solaris 2.7 on them.  They all have
Openssh 2.9 installed, and all work fine.  Except one.  Every once in a
while I get this:

"Disconnecting: Corrupted check bytes on input."

When I truss or I am at the console I get this:

"rsa_private_decrypt() failed"

I've tried reinstalling with OpenSSH 2.5, 2.9 and the commercial
versions.  I get these errors from Linux and x86 Solaris boxes too in
random intervals.  It's just this one box.  

Obviously it seems like a lib is screwed up.  All of my boxes are at the
same patch level.  I've also installed new OpenSSL and zlib's.  I've seen
different requests at the OpenSSH site's mailing list archives for a fix,
and I haven't found any that work.

I've generated several sets of keys, and replaced all the configs with
one's known to work fine everywhere else.  Any clues or suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.


Pete Greenwell 
System Administrator  
Missouri Research and Education Network [MOREnet]   

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