openssh-2.5.1p1 Linux port

Darryl Miles darryl at
Thu Mar 1 03:05:32 EST 2001

When I have openssl-0.9.6 simply compiled in a directory along site the
extracted openssh-2.5.1p1 files.  I ran the ./configure as:

CFLAGS="-O2 -Wall" ./configure --prefix=/opt/openssh
--with-ssl-dir=../openssl-0.9.6 --with-tcp-wrappers

I needed to apply this diff to get it to work.  Would it be possible to
detect an absolute path or releative path (for the --with-ssl-dir=
option) and appand and extra "../" in the relative case.  Or simply
insist upon an absolute path by bombing out of the ./configure
explaining why.

I'm not subscribed to this list, please Cc: me.


--- openbsd-compat/Makefile~	Mon Feb 26 20:40:55 2001
+++ openbsd-compat/Makefile	Mon Feb 26 20:41:18 2001
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
 CFLAGS=-O2 -Wall -Wall
-CPPFLAGS= -I../openssl-0.9.6/include -I../openssl-0.9.6/include -I.
-I.. -I$(srcdir) -I$(srcdir)/.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
+CPPFLAGS= -I../../openssl-0.9.6/include -I../openssl-0.9.6/include -I.
-I.. -I$(srcdir) -I$(srcdir)/.. -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
 LIBS=-lcrypt -lwrap -lz -lnsl  -lutil  -lcrypto

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