how can I reduce binary size of sshd?

Vikas Dewan vdewan at
Thu Mar 1 11:24:17 EST 2001

Yes, I mean both ssl & ssh, I took out rsa, idea and rc5 from crypto ssl. SSHv1 and X11 code from openSSH, but I am thriving for more, without impacting most of ssh clients.
Also studying the impact of taking out x509 certification stuff. Any idea?

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this is purely speculation, but you could probably eliminate quite a bit by
taking out unneeded algorithms from openssl?  i have no idea what it'd
break, if anything...


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Subject: how can I reduce binary size of sshd?

> Hi Guys
> I need to implement ssh server daemon on OLD installations of real time
OS, which uses flash memory and every program gets loaded in flash mem, once
the device is booted.
> I have very limited space in flash memory of this device.
> SO what we are trying to do is reducing the size of sshd by taking out
least common used things.
> Can someone give me input what features, version and crypto algorithm -
most of recent ssh clients are using, so that we cover most of them.
> I already took out SSHv1, RSA and X11 from sshd. I need to reduce more in
terms of size. Please guide me what-else I can safely remove without
effecting major ssh clients.
> thanks
> Vikas

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