add scp path to _PATH_STDPATH

Tim Rice tim at
Thu Mar 1 11:30:58 EST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Kevin Steves wrote:

> On Sat, 17 Feb 2001, Tim Rice wrote:
> : Try this patch out.
> :
> : In addition to the things mentioned below, it adds a line
> : to sshd_config telling what PATH was compiled into sshd.
> thanks, i finally looked at this.
> i don't like munging path if a user specified a path

Then you still have the same problem of scp not working.
Configure does give ample warning when it modifies the path.
I figure if someone REALLY wants a path that doesn't iclude the location
of scp they can edit config.h after configure runs.

> (--with-default-path).  i don't know if we want to try to maintain per
> platform default paths, and they probably should not include '.', as
> some of the defaults in the patch do.

The per platform defaults were an attempt to make "ssh somehost somecommand"
behave the same as rsh would on that platform.
I don't think I like the '.' ethier. That's the PATH rshd used.
Probably for sshd we should not include '.' in the path even the platform's 
rshd did.

> i would like to see the path to scp added only if the user did not
> specify --with-default-path, and the default path does not contain scp.

Speaking of PATHS. For some version after 2.5.1p2 we should look into
adding support for setting the path according to the PATH/SUPATH
lines in /etc/default/login on those platforms that have it.
(SCO, UnixWare, Solaris, others?)

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