add scp path to _PATH_STDPATH

Kevin Steves stevesk at
Fri Mar 2 04:57:45 EST 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Kevin Taylor wrote:
: > i still believe --with-default-path= should *not* be modified.  the
: > default settings should work (today they don't) and if a user chooses to
: > override them we shouldn't assume to know more than they do.  if we
: > want, we can display warning message for this case.
: I had to set --with-default-path because openssh wasn't reading stuff in
: my /etc/default/login file (on IRIX)....and because UseLogin wasn't
: working, the correct path to scp was not being found.
: That's an instance where it needs to be modified.

i feel that's a case where you should to add it yourself.

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