[PATCH]: auth.c (pwcopy): Copy pw_gecos field when build for Cygwin

mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Sun Mar 4 09:07:02 EST 2001

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Hi,
> the attached patch is very important for Cygwin. I don't know
> how I could have missed that for months now :-( I hope this
> can be included in 2.5.1p2.
> The pw_gecos field in Cygwin's /etc/passwd contains Windows
> specific authentication informations which let NT domain
> users logon to a machine without the need to inform the
> logon server (sshd in our case) about the name of the NT domain.
> As a side effect you can have a different name under Cygwin than
> your NT account name.
> Unfortunately, without copying pw_gecos this functionality is
> completely broken in sshd.

pw_gecos is done by defeault in the OpenBSD source.. Any reason why we
can't just get rid of the #ifdef and allow this for all platforms?

- Ben

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