add scp path to _PATH_STDPATH

Markus Friedl markus.friedl at
Sun Mar 4 10:06:22 EST 2001

On Fri, Mar 02, 2001 at 02:23:18PM -0600, mouring at wrote:
> a) Back-port 'subsystem' concept to v1  .. Never will happen

your are right. this won't happen.

> b) Fix up the path and ignore the problem.

good idea :)

> c) add support for scp as a subsystem for v2 and dump v1 support.

good idea :)

perhaps an option like
	scp -X /path/to/scp/binary/on/server server:/x /tmp
could help?

> (I believe Markus stated it would
> be an interesting project to do a 'scp2' emulation.  scp over sftp.

yes, this is what 'scp2' from does. and this is the
reason why they don't have the 'scp is not in the default path'

> Which
> after looking at our current sftp client it would be pretty easy to
> do.  Minus the 'scp site:file site2:file' concept. =)

scp site1:file site2:file would be much more useful if you have
1 ssh connection to site1 and a 2nd connection to site2 and
relay packets over localhost. this way you could scp between
networks that don't have a physical connection.


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