Question re wtmp and 2.5.1

Geoffrey T. Cheshire gtc at
Mon Mar 5 11:27:09 EST 2001


I've got a 2.8-RELEASE box that uses the old utmp.h with:

#define UT_NAMESIZE        8
#define UT_LINESIZE        8
#define UT_HOSTSIZE        16

2.5.1's ssh/login.c seems use this by including <utmp.h>.  However, when a
remote user logs into this box, the wtmp file is munged from that point on.
There are no notes about this on the OpenSSH site ("OpenSSH compiles cleanly
on OpenBSD 2.8").

Question: where is OpenSSH getting confused about the format of my wtmp/utmp
files, and how can I fix it?

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