SSH RPM for Red Hat 6.2 not useable

Marco Fioretti marco.fioretti at
Tue Mar 6 00:10:01 EST 2001


I downloaded yesterday the Red Hat 6.2 RPMs for openssl
and openssh from one of the official mirrors.

I could install them on a stock Red Hat 6.2 box because

rpm -Uvh says (quoting from memory...):

cannot install because there is dependency conflict
between this rpm (openssh core) and the version of
rpm and rpmlib that you are using......

In other words, the rpm packages generated *for*
Red Hat 6.2 don't want to be installed by the version
of RPM which *comes* with Red Hat 6.2.....

I am signalling this because it looks to me like
somebody labeled by mistake as 6.2 something which is
only meant to go on Red Hat 7.0 systems.

What do you think? Please let me know your opinion.

I am downloading the tarball now, and will try to build
from it, but I'd really rather keep anything under
rpm control.

Please let me know if and where tested rpms for Red Hat
6.2 are, and, of course, if you need the complete exact report
from rpm.

			Marco Fioretti

P.S.:Please send any follow up also to:

			marco.fioretti at

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