SSH RPM for Red Hat 6.2 not useable

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham at
Tue Mar 6 00:18:59 EST 2001

marco.fioretti at said:
> I could install them on a stock Red Hat 6.2 box because
> rpm -Uvh says (quoting from memory...):
> cannot install because there is dependency conflict between this rpm
> (openssh core) and the version of rpm and rpmlib that you are
> using...... 

Although that does not sound like the right error message, are you 
running at least rpm version 3.0.5?  RH released an updated version of 
rpm with the 6.2 errata quite some time ago, this version reads the rpm 
v4 format files, which are now being issued as standard RH62 errata 

If you are running an older version of rpm then you will also be 
substantially behind on your erata updates.  I suggest you do a check 
on all your boxes immediately.


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