OpenSSH ssh-agent compat. problem (bug?)

Sam Smith ss99hi at
Tue Mar 6 07:33:00 EST 2001

I've noticed a problem with the ssh-agent for
OpenSSH.  When I list the identities found in the
agent, I'm given a warning that the keysize
doesn't match.

   $ ./ssh-add -L
   Warning: identity keysize mismatch: actual 1023,
announced 1024
   1023 35 61...63 sam at host

The problem only exhibits itself with the OpenSSH
version of ssh-add, but using the SSH version of
ssh-agent/ssh-add.  Here's a little table that
shows what I tested.  I've keyed the two versions
of ssh as follows:

T = SSH version, 1.2.27 [i686-unknown-linux], protocol
version 1.5.

O = OpenSSH_2.5.1p2, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL

                        (SSH)               (OpenSSH)
ssh-agent   ssh-add    "ssh-add -l" (T)   "ssh-add -L"
  T           T           ok                 error
  T           O           ok                 ok
  O           T           ok                 ok
  O           O           ok                 ok

For example, in the first case, I used SSH v1.2.27
to start the agent and to add my identity.  When I
used SSH v1.2.27 to list the identity, it came
back fine, but when I used OpenSSH to list the
identity, I got the error, as above.  All other
combinations of agent/add/list work ok.

Any suggestions?


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