Portable openssh-2.5.1p1, auth-passwd.c, yellow pages, expire field

Mike Campin campin at pobox.com
Tue Mar 6 09:23:35 EST 2001


I'm having trouble with auth_password() failing on my linux box using
yellow pages. I've tracked the problem down to the following:

  pw_password        = "RMf.YivanoZc2,o01N"
  encrypted_password = "RMf.YivanoZc2"

This fails on the return(strcmp(encrypted_password, pw_password) == 0).
because crypt() only returns 13 characters. I seem to remember the ",o01N"
having something to do with password expiration. The same problem exists
in openssh-2.5.1p2.

I've tried 2 different solutions. The 1st is to use strncmp with the length
set to 13. The 2nd is to force character 13 to an '\0'. This works for me,
but it may break other system.

This used to work on the 2.3 versions. Unfortunately, I do not have a
copy of the source to compare.

Thanks, Mike

Mike Campin
campin at pobox dot com

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