pam/radius, SecurID, any news?

carl at carl at
Tue Mar 6 17:41:19 EST 2001

I've been through the archive, and not found anything
conclusive, except for a problem report of sorts from
Theo E. Schlossnag (who has a set of patches for SecurID

I'm about to replace some ssh 1.2.26 (I know!) installations 
with OpenSSH 2.5.1p2, on Solaris 2.6 sparc boxes, and 
we use SecurID tokens for these boxes.

I've compiled up OpenSSH 2.5.1p2 with --with-pam, and 
thrown pam-radius 1.3.11 into a package, and I think it'll
work, but I can't test on the boxes that need the tokens
without jumping through a lot of firewall admin hoops.

Can anyone tell me if it will work?  The SecurID server
is a radius daemon, we have a lot of ssh v1 stuff still
(I'm getting rid of it slowly, but can't do it all at once),
has anyone got this working at all?  Theo's comments in Jan
have me worried, and if I lock myself out of these boxes,
it's a flight interstate with a boot up my backside to fix it!

So, before I go to the trouble of setting up VPN's etc to this
server, can anyone tell me if they have it working?  Or, 
what's the status with Theo's patches?



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