Better port forwarding control

Kieran Barry kbarry at
Wed Mar 7 09:32:35 EST 2001

Michael Salmon wrote:
> hi kieran,
> i've had the same need before and have the patches to do 
> this also, we needed to
> allow only specific ports to be forwarded. This was 
> rejected to the mainstream
> because it was requested to be implemented using a security 
> protocol that i 
> once bookmarked, planned on reading over, and have since 
> forgotten and deleted 
> it. (ring a bell anyone?)
> If you want to get together and work on adding this feature 
> using the protocol
> markus said it required, i'd be happy to talk with you 
> about it since I think
> this is a good feature to have for many users.
> I was told this was already in an older version of openssh, 
> but I havent tried 
> it out. It was removed from the head before i checked out the code.
> cheers,
> ms
Hi Michael,

I'd be very interested in looking at your patches! Certainly, 
for the short term, that is the easiest way forward.

I've done a quick mailing list search on keys: 
port & forwarding & markus
and I have dug up the keynote trust management system:
Is this what was recommended previously?



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