Strange problem with OpenSSH_2.5.1p1

Krzysztof Oledzki olemx at
Thu Mar 8 05:44:05 EST 2001

Hello :)

I have just installed OpenSSH_2.5.1p1 in one of my machines and I've one
strange problem during connection from at least ssh-1.2.x clients.

When I'm connected and only receiving data (for example looking into logs
with fail -f, watching my talk session, or something similar) after some
time (and some received data) session hangs until I send any data (by
pressing any key - like backspace, space, etc).

My configuration:
Linux Slackware 7.1
 UseLogin on
SSL - 0.9.6

Any ideas?

Best regards,

				Krzysztof Oledzki

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