Make Install Problems

David Highley dhighley at
Thu Mar 8 17:22:40 EST 2001

Attached are some quick modifications I made to fix the make install
problems that I previously sent e-mail about. I modified the Makefile
and the fixpaths perl script.

In the make file I added suffixes for the manual pages and the
configuration files. Then I added implicit rules for translating the
manual files and configuration files to ".out" files. I also renamed the
configuration files to have a .cfg suffix. Its not perfect as it makes
no sense wasting time running the primes file through the fixpaths
script. But at least make does not try and do any work if all the work
requested is done all ready.  I also needed to modify the install files
target for the file name changes.

Attached are the modified Makefile and fixpaths script.



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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# fixpaths  - substitute makefile variables into text files

$usage = "Usage: $0 [-x<file dot-suffix>] [-Dstring=replacement] [[infile] ...]\n";


if (!defined(@ARGV)) { die ("$usage"); }

# read in the command line and get some definitions
while ($_=$ARGV[0], /^-/) {
  if (/^-[Dx]/) {
    # definition
    if ( /-D(.*)=(.*)/ ) {
    } elsif ( /-x\s*(\w+)/ ) {
    } else {
      die ("$usage$0: error in command line arguments.\n");
  } else {
    @cmd = split(//, $ARGV[0]); $opt = $cmd[1];
    die ("$usage$0: unknown option '-$opt'\n");
} # while parsing arguments

if (!defined(%def)) {
  die ("$0: nothing to do - no substitutions listed!\n");

for $f (@ARGV) {

  $f =~ /(.*\/)*(.*)$/;
  $of = $2;
  $of =~ s/^(.*?)(\.)(.*)$/$1/;
  $of = $of . ".$ext"; 

  open(IN, "<$f")          || die ("$0: input file $f missing!\n");
  open(OUT, ">$of")        || die ("$0: cannot create output file $of: $!\n");
  while (<IN>) {
    for $s (keys(%def)) {
    } # for $s
    print OUT;
  } # while <IN>
} # for $f

exit 0;
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