OpenSSH 2.5.1p2 w/ skey support fails

David Fetter dfetter at
Thu Mar 8 05:58:26 EST 2001

I'm trying to compile skey support into our OpenSSH distro and it's failing
to configure.  It complains about missing libraries.  I downloaded and
compiled the latest skey-1.1 and installed it into /usr/local.  I tried
using --with-skey=/usr/local, --with-skey=/usr/local/lib,
--with-skey=/usr/local/include and --with-skey=/usr/local/bin.  None of
these worked.  I'm assuming the correct syntax should be to point it to
/usr/local/lib but perhaps I'm mistaken.  Has any body else gotten this to
compile in properly?

David M. Fetter
UNIX Systems Administrator

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