NeXT 3.3 vs openssh-2.5.1p1 (Couldn't restore privileges)

Gert Doering gert at
Sun Mar 11 02:25:46 EST 2001


On Sun, Feb 25, 2001 at 09:45:39PM -0800, Tim Rice wrote:
> > What I don't really understand is why the seteuid() stuff in entropy.c
> > isn't working here - from the docs, it should... - how is uid changing
> > done in other parts of ssh?
> See uidswap.c 
> Have a look at this patch. It might work (it does run) but
> it might be doing the wrong thing security wise.
> I came up with this after looking at uidswap.c
> For SCO 3 and NeXT,

The current openssh_cvs works now on SCO 3, with and without being suid.

Good work!

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