[PATCH]: contrib/cygwin/ssh-host-config

Jim Knoble jmknoble at jmknoble.cx
Tue Mar 13 14:54:40 EST 2001

Circa 2001-Mar-12 02:16:35 -0800 dixit Dan Kaminsky:

: > > > > Additionally the script used to add `sshd 22/tcp' to the services
: file
: > > > > while the IANA proposes `ssh 22/tcp' and `ssh 22/udp' as services
: entries.
: SSH doesn't reimplement TCP, thus allowing it to be run over a datagram
: protocol...uh, does it?

The IANA has been allocating port numbers in both protocols for a
single service for some time now.  I don't know their rationale, but it
certainly makes it less confusing when talking about port numbers.   It
also leaves room for services to change their mind (e.g., NFS) or use
both protocols (e.g., DNS) without having to notify IANA.

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