OpenSSH/scp ->> F-Secure SSH server Problems

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Mar 13 22:49:37 EST 2001

Mats Andersson wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Markus Friedl wrote:
> > > In this case (i.e. in the case of wanting to "ftp" over SSH) the
> > issue > is with the stupid user interface.  Naive users are looking
> > for some SSH > file copying tool that works just like their FTP
> > clients, i.e. where > they can see a list of files on the server and
> > click/drag/whatever them > to effect the copy.
> >
> > have you ever tried the sftp-client?
> I'll release a new pre-release of MindTerm real soon now which includes a
> FTP to SFTP bridge (i.e. you connect to MindTerm using any ftp client and
> it acts as a bridge to the sftp server, works rather nice with e.g. ws_ftp
> and the common web-browsers et.c.).
> Cheers,
> /Mats

I'd like to see it when its functional, but I have one worry:  The
callis disregard some web-browsers display for users passwords, like
displaying them plaintext or 'remembering' them...

(But that's not your issue, and I sounds like a very neat addition to an
already excellent product).

Andrew Bartlett
abartlet at

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