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Circa 2001-Mar-14 11:03:51 +0100 dixit Markus Friedl:

: fyi, is this a FAQ?

I've not really seen it before here.  Define "frequent". ;)

answers below.

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: This is probably a FAQ but I can't find the answer in the FAQ.  Sorry if you
: are seeing this for the n^^nth time.
: I am experimenting with OpenSSH (2.5.1p2) on Solaris.  I have installed the
: zlib library and OpenSSL then made and installed OpenSSH.  How much of what
: I have installed do I need to put in a tarfile for transfer/installation on
: other hosts?
: I have experimented with a tarfile containing only the ssh* binaries, the
: etc/ssh* configuration files and the libexec/ssh* additions, and it seems to
: work alright - to be sure, I carried the host keys with me in the tar file,
: which was a bit stupid.

Have a look at the %files section of
openssh-2.5.1p2/contrib/redhat/openssh.spec.  It should be fairly
legible even to those unfamiliar with RPM specfiles.

: Do I not need to roll up the zlib library file in lib and the ssl directory
: to get a functioning ssh setup on the new host or am I living in a fool's
: paradise?  In other words, are the zlib and ssl components only needed
: during compilation of ssh or are they needed also for operation?

That depends on the following factors:

  (1) Did you compile zlib and openssl as static or shared (dynamic)
      libraries (or perhaps both)?  If you built libraries that end in
      '.a', then you built static ones.  If they end in '.so' or
      '.so.N.M.Q', you built shared ones.

      (a) If you only built static libraries, you don't need them in
	  your tarball.

      (b) If you only built shared libraries, you probably need them in
          your tarball.
      (c) If you built both, see below.

  (2) Did you tell your compiler to link statically?  Usually, if you
      did this, you would know; it generally involves setting the
      LDFLAGS environment variable to contain the proper options
      ("flags") for your C compiler, before running ./configure, or,
      alternatively, using the '--with-ldflags' option to ./configure.

Good luck.

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