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Thu Mar 15 11:41:39 EST 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> > Or are you suggesting that if OpenBSD connects to Solaris that I should
> > run a different sftp-server then if Linux connects to Solaris? 
> IMNSHO that should be up to the client, but restricted by the server
> administrator.

IMNSHO it's up to the administrator and not the connecting client.  But
this is local policy.  OpenSSH's subsystems honor $PATH.  So you can have
it your way, and I can have it my way.  If others don't honor it then
complain to them.

> > I don't get your arguments.  I personally would rather state where system
> > services are instead of sshd randomly guessing where thing
> > are.
> I agree, but you've missed the fact that the client hard-codes the
> service name, leading to either total chaos, or at best IANA mediated
> chaos.

By the fact no one is requiring you to register your program name with
an IANA type group you can still have pure chaos.  I write a program call
'Foo' that uses SSH to call 'Bar'.  You write a program call 'Bar' and
install it and it happens to fall before my program in the path.  Thus,

So this is kinda a strawman argument.

- Ben

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