Jan IVEN Jan.Iven at
Thu Mar 15 20:31:08 EST 2001

>>>>> "NMN" == Nuno Miguel Neves <nneves at> writes:

 NMN> I'm sorry, but I've been looking in the archives, and I can't find an answer to this question.
 NMN> I believe OpenSSH supports AFS, but I can't seem to make it work.

 NMN> I've tried to install krb5-devel, but it doesn't work. I've made configure --with-kerberos4 --with-afs, and it says it can't find krb.h.
 NMN> Did anyone manage to compile openssh 2.3.0 with AFS? Which kerberos (since I'm using RedHat, an RPM would be great :) )?

Sorry, no rpms. Our compilation area is under 

/afs/ the file "CMD" for the
actual commands/options used. Binaries are in

Best regards

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