Support for here documents with sftp client in OpenSSH 2.5.1p1-1 (RH Linux 6.2 [2.2.x kernel])

Damien Miller djm at
Fri Mar 16 10:26:04 EST 2001

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, Davis, Ricardo C. wrote:

> A question on the cutting edge sftp client in OpenSSH 2.5.1p1-1:
> Is there a standard set of commands for sftp clients?  I was hoping to use
> sftp as a drop in replacement for some simple FTP transfer scripts.  In
> particular, the ftp client allows specifying the password in the "user"
> command:
> user <account> <password>

I don't think the sftp client will ever support this syntax - it would
be difficult to implement and would encourage the use of plaintext
passwords in scripts.

> It doesn't appear that OpenSSH's sftp client can do this.  Is it
> possible to specify the password as part of the command line?

This is not going to happen either - commandlines are visible to all other
users of your system using ps.

> ...but it doesn't.  Am I looking for something that isn't available
> in sftp client implementations?  If this is true, then what options
> are there for automated, authenticated transfers?

You can use public key authentication - this is exactly what it is
designed for :)


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