SIGHUP/av[0] restart failure

Sandor W. Sklar ssklar at
Sat Mar 17 06:23:29 EST 2001


OpenSSH 2.5.1p1 running under AIX 4.3.3ML06.  When I send a HUP 
signal to the parent sshd, that parent process dies, it's children 
get "adopted" by init, and the following message is put in the error 
log ...

Mar 13 12:01:48 whippet sshd[31644]: Received SIGHUP; restarting.
Mar 13 12:01:48 whippet sshd[31644]: RESTART FAILED: av[0]='sshd', 
error: No such file or directory.

The sshd program is not named anything unusual, and is located in 

I searched this list (and other places),  and found some info related 
to the above, but not anything that I'd call a solution or a 

Help?   Thanks!

sandor w. sklar       
unix systems administrator      polya hall, 255 panama -- mc: 4136
stanford university itss-css    mailto:ssklar at

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