"cipher none" alternatives ?

Rob Hagopian rob at hagopian.net
Tue Mar 20 09:08:51 EST 2001

There's an older thread about this, you can hack in none support really
easily, but I did performance tests between arcfour and none on Dual PIII
850Mhz machines and there was no significant performance difference. One
of the developers here asked for full profiling info but I haven't had
time to assemble it...

On Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Andrew Daviel wrote:

> We are trying to upgrade from SSH1 to OpenSSH/SSH2.
> I see that configuration support for "cipher NONE" was removed in OpenSSH.
> Is there an alternative for this ?
> We need to move big files (>100Mb) between machines on the Internet. In
> the past we had used NFS or ftp but want to block those services at one or
> both ends. Moving them with SSH 1 scp takes quite a bit of CPU effort for
> encryption. (I had observed that for smaller files scp -c 3des was
> noticably slower than NFS/ftp/scp -c none on 100BaseT links, though not on
> 10BaseT)
> The datafiles themselves do not contain sensitive data, but we'd like to
> use some better authentication method than ftp and preferably something
> that would easily go through a firewall. As I understood things, scp -c
> none with RSA authentication offers something like that.
> We could presumably use HTTP GET to suck files if they were placed in a
> webserver tree and use HTTP authentication. I'm not so sure about pushing
> with POST or PUT.
> Any suggestions ?  Is it feasible to build OpenSSH with support for cipher
> none ?

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