Problem with connecting to host running ssh 2.3.0p1

Phil Karn karn at
Tue Mar 20 15:23:45 EST 2001

I'm seeing this same problem:

bash-2.03$ ssh xing
 1b dc 08 20 f8 27 6e b2 22 ab f3 f9 4d 4a b6 06
Disconnecting: Bad packet length 467404832.

The local client is openssh2.5.2p1. The local system is a P3 laptop
running Debian Linux and the 2.2.18 kernel. The remote machine is
a Sparc running openssh-2.3.0p1.

The problem only occurs with protocol version 2. Version 1 works normally.

I see the problem with another remote Sparc, that one running 2.5.1p1.
I guess the common theme is "Sparc server".


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