Portable OpenSSH-2.5.2p2 and AIX

Sandor W. Sklar ssklar at stanford.edu
Fri Mar 23 04:59:06 EST 2001

this release has fixed one of the problems that I wrote about 
yesterday (subject = two bugs with aix ... help please!!!) : 
non-interactive sessions via protocol 1 no longer hang after the 
completion of the remote command.  Thank you!!!

However, the other problem that I wrote about, the zero-length write, 
still exists in all its glory; the patch that I came up with doesn't 
fix the problem with this relase, and it actually causes the other 
problem to reappear.

The zero-length write bug hits us pretty hard, as we have several 
applications that cause the problem to manifest on a frequent basis.

Can someone at least explain to me what is going on there, and if 
possible, suggest a fix?


At 9:43 PM +1100 3/22/01, Damien Miller wrote:
>Portable OpenSSH 2.5.2p2 is now available from the mirror sites
>listed at http://www.openssh.com/portable.html

sandor w. sklar
unix systems administrator
stanford university itss-css

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