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Gert Doering gert at
Fri Mar 23 05:28:20 EST 2001


On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 01:37:37PM +0100, Markus Friedl wrote:
> is anyone using rhost-rsa + hosts.equiv? is it broken?

I do, on AIX, openssh_cvs, protocol 1 only.  Works:

gd at hilb0:/home/gd> /gnulocal/src/openssh_cvs/ssh -v hilb1
OpenSSH_2.5.1p1-GD/PM, SSH protocols 1.5/2.0, OpenSSL 0x0090581f
debug: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
debug: Applying options for *
debug: ssh_connect: getuid 299 geteuid 0 anon 0
debug: Connecting to hilb1 [] port 22.
debug: Seeding random number generator
debug: Allocated local port 730.
debug: Connection established.
debug: identity file /home/gd/.ssh/identity type 3
debug: identity file /home/gd/.ssh/id_dsa type 3
debug: Remote protocol version 1.5, remote software version OpenSSH_2.5.1p1-GD/PM
debug: match: OpenSSH_2.5.1p1-GD/PM pat ^OpenSSH
debug: Local version string SSH-1.5-OpenSSH_2.5.1p1-GD/PM
debug: Waiting for server public key.
debug: Received server public key (768 bits) and host key (1023 bits).
debug: Host 'hilb1' is known and matches the RSA1 host key.
debug: Found key in /etc/ssh_known_hosts:1
debug: Seeding random number generator
debug: Encryption type: blowfish
debug: Sent encrypted session key.
debug: Installing crc compensation attack detector.
debug: Received encrypted confirmation.
debug: Trying rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv with RSA host authentication.
debug: Remote: Accepted for [] by /etc/hosts.equiv.
debug: Received RSA challenge for host key from server.
debug: Sending response to host key RSA challenge.
debug: Remote: Rhosts with RSA host authentication accepted.
debug: Rhosts or /etc/hosts.equiv with RSA host authentication accepted by server.
debug: Requesting pty.
debug: Requesting shell.
debug: Entering interactive session.

(the unusual version number is due to local changes, I needed a different 
way to do one-time-passwords - hacky, and not for general consumption).

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