Kerberos4, tcp-wrappers, afs, and pam support on RH7.0

Austin Gonyou austin at
Fri Mar 23 09:54:51 EST 2001

One other thing....I've found that I can infact compile with libwrap,
libpam, md5-passwords, with no errors. As soon as I toss --with-kerberos4,
it pukes. Can anyone shed light?

Austin Gonyou
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Coremetrics, Inc.
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On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, Austin Gonyou wrote:

> I'm not using rpms, I am doing some work using kerberos authentication and
> want to use OpenSSH to interface to kerberos. It's the damnedest thing
> though, when I configure, no matter WHERE the krb.h file lives, it won't
> get read in by the configure script. Has anyone run into this before?
> Also, on RH7, tcpwrappers is a static lib, the src rpm seems to find it if
> I rebuild, but the actual source doesn't seem to find it. The same goes
> for, that stuff exists in /usr/lib and is updated, I
> updated again it just to make sure.  Any pointers are much appreciated!

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