RFE: Portable OpenSSH

Dan Kaminsky dankamin at cisco.com
Tue Mar 27 15:05:09 EST 2001

> interestingly, in zlib-1.1.3 you must *ask* configure to build shared
> libs, otherwise it just builds libz.a ... why is it an "external
> runtime dependancy" for you, dan?

Well, lesse:

Cygwin:  Need to move ssh.exe, cygwin1.dll, and cygz.dll
Solaris:  Need to move ssh and libz.so

I'm sure I could go through a few more platforms, but its what it sounds
like:  The only outside library I need to cart around(outside of Unix
itself, for Cygwin) is zlib.

> i install static libs and headers as above, building them in .../work.
> then i build openssh (in .../work) with CPPFLAGS set with my include
> area and LDFLAGS set with my lib area:

Would you be interested in taking the stripped down list of OpenSSL
dependancies that got posted some time ago and creating a
"minimum-self-complete" version of OpenSSH, possibly for tracking/inclusion
in the OpenSSH inclusion?  Seems like you've figured out all the hard stuff
involved, and I was literally talking with our admins about five hours ago
about how useful this would be.

Tracking down external dependancies, incidentally, has lead me to be
somewhat annoyed at the way our RNG's work.  There's no failover, no run
time switching, it doesn't even embed a default list of prng
commands...something to fix.

Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky, CISSP

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