RFE: Portable OpenSSH

Dan Kaminsky dankamin at cisco.com
Wed Mar 28 10:37:44 EST 2001

> ./confugure [whatever]
> make
> make install DESTDIR=./fakeroot
> cd fakeroot
> tar xvf - ./* | gzip -9 > ../ssh-bin.tar.gz
> cd ..
> rm -rf fakeroot

Excellent.  But I can't run out of that fakeroot; I *have* to install from
it.  At the point of the make install, all the ETCDIR et al definitions are
already set at pathnames.h (or earlier).

This is actually the right thing to do, but it does leave ssh_prng_cmds 's
path totally broken. That makes the ssh client only function after a

Yours Truly,

    Dan Kaminsky, CISSP

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