RFE: Portable OpenSSH

Jim Knoble jmknoble at jmknoble.cx
Wed Mar 28 13:37:00 EST 2001

Circa 2001-Mar-27 16:20:26 -0800 dixit Dan Kaminsky:

: > What is the advantage of all this runtime checking? Systems with
: > /dev/random should _always_ have it available.
: Surprised the hell outta me when I realized this was a problem.  I installed
: the ANDIrand package on my dev box some time ago, then later built the
: latest OpenSSH.  Imagine my surprise when the binaries compiled on that
: machine wouldn't work on any other Solaris machine--oops, none of the other
: ones had ANDIrand installed.

This problem has already been solved on several different occasions.

You need to use a packaging system which remembers what each software
package's requirements and prerequirements are.  If you don't want to
use a native package manager (or if your native package manager sucks),
i suggest epkg (http://www.encap.org/epkg/), which makes things like
this (and like the libz thing you were complaining about earlier)
relative nonissues.

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