OpenSSh 2.5.2p2 on Linux/Sparc

Kevin Sindhu kevin at
Thu Mar 29 05:01:17 EST 2001

"Lewandowsky, Matt" wrote:
> OK. Cool. I have Debian on my box now, but it *really* doesn't like it for
> some reason... It randomly doesn't boot, it randomly stops responding to the
> keyboard, it randomly has network problems, and it has NEVER seen my mouse.
> It's a standard Type 5 mouse, so... But without it, I have no X. :/

Somehow I myself dislike Debian...but I ain't gonna be the one who
started the flamewar..:-)

> So, I'll aim for Slackware packages and RPMs. Are there any compile-time
> pitfalls between Slackware 7.2 and RedHat I should know? (Like do they both
> need MD5 passwords?)

PAM...Redhat does, and Slackware 7.1 and below (that is what I run)[PS -
when did 7.2 come out?] do not.

You'd have to create two packages:

1) Slackware tgz --with-md5-passwords
2) Redhat 6.2 rpm (To produce this on a Slackware box, AFAIK, you would
need to install PAM, and configure --with-pam --with-md5-passwords)



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