Patches for OpenSSH 2.5.2p2: evaluate /etc/default/login, makefiles manpages

Christopher Linn celinn at
Fri Mar 30 03:10:49 EST 2001

hi edgar,

i am not an openssh developr, however i am working on building
openssh solaris packages also.

firstly, thank you very much for your default login work!

now, i think you are doing your makes incorrectly:

On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 06:32:25PM +0200, Edgar Hoch wrote:
> Second I have made Sun Solaris packages for OpenSSH. To do this I
> installed
> OpenSSH in a temporary directory (e.g. /tmp/openssh-root/) and used this
> tree
> to create the Solaris package (similar like we do create rpm packages).
> The problem is that I have to specify some variables for make to install
> OpenSSH
> in that temporary directory:
> make prefix=/tmp/openssh-root/usr libexecdir=/tmp/openssh-root/usr/sbin 
> mandir=/tmp/openssh-root/usr/man sysconfdir=/tmp/openssh-root/etc/ssh
> install

this is not the way you want to do this; i belive that will mess up
all the pathnames embedded in your binaries and manpages.

there is a make variable in the openssh Makefile that you use,
"DESTDIR", to accomplish the install into the tmp package
building directory.  ALL your --prefix etc should be set exactly as
though you were installing on the build machine itself, this makes
the embedded pathnames all correct.  then do your make install like:

	# make DESTDIR=/tmp/openssh-root install

this will do the actual install in your "fake" area, where you can 
then proceed to install prngd there if you want, and then run pkgproto
and pkgmk in /tmp/openssh-root as you would normally do.



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